About us

Brick by Brick Malawi is an international aid organization which builds schools in Malawi.
The Malawian government invests heavily in education – 20% of the state budget is earmarked for education and elementary school is free. Even so the budget does not adequately reach all of the inhabitants - especially those living in remote areas and where the school is too distant. This results in the children staying at home. Brick by Brick Malawi tries to address this problem.

We have chosen the small village of Mwanani in northern Malawi as a pilot project. This village, which is not far from Livingstonia, has no school. The village chief, Wedson Chisambo, has as a goal to build a school with the help of Brick by Brick Malawi. The first building is now finished. There is room for 48 children and will cover the first two years of school.

Why invest in education as opposed to health for example? In Malawi 15% of children die within the first 5 years of life. The highest risk factor is the mother's education. The more schooling the mother has, the less chance that her child will die.

The building of the school is all done by local workmen.

Donations from private individuals are used undimished for materials and labor on the school site.

Brick by Brick Malawi is a member of the Volunteer Registry of Norway.