Brick by Brick Malawi

Brick by Brick Malawi is building a primary school in the remote village of Mwanani in northern Malawi, Africa. Our goal is to support the children in Mwanani and the surrounding villages by bringing the school closer to home. A shorter walk to school enables the children to attend school regularly, complete their education, and fulfill their dreams for the future.

The Future?


It’s as simple as that.

Remote villages need schools

Mwanani School has simple but functional classrooms

We're running out of space!

Help us build a new school block








Malawi: figures and facts

  • Population 19 million
  • 50% of the population is under 18

  • Youth literacy rate is 73%
  • Life expectancy is 63 years
  • Primary school is free (since 1994)
  • Secondary school tuition is free (since 2019)
  • 40% (rural) - 60% (urban) of pupils complete primary school
  • 9% of the population complete secondary school

  • Many secondary schools are boarding schools and families find that costs for boarding, transport, uniforms and books are prohibitive
  • Primary schools are few and far between in rural areas of Malawi
  • Many children are kept home from school due to the long walk, especially in the rainy season
  • Mwanani School serves children from six nearby villages